Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 21 - Disgruntled

My left calf muscle is a ball of tightness, no joke.  All day long its been in a quasi-state of cramping.  Scary stuff. I tore my right calf muscle about 4 years ago playing soccer and it was not so cool.  I've never been shot by a gun but I imagine its feel similar to your calf muscle blowing up.

My right calf in 2008.  Boom goes the dynamite!

I was able to loosen it up a little bit today through massage and stretching.  When I arrived home after a spectacularly horrible commute, I pretty much walked directly into our home, got my gear and bounced.  I plugged 5 miles into the phone and set off.  A mile into the run I could tell that I just didn't have it in me to put 5 solid miles together and quickly adjusted my plan down to 2 miles.  In this case... I listened to my body and shortened the run.

Hoping to feel better tomorrow after a night of heat and rest.  Maybe get 5 or 6 miles in tomorrow night. Gotta keep pushing forward.

Stats below:

Distance: 2.01
Time: 16:40
Pace 8:20
Calories: 310

Until tomorrow,


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