Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 19 - Crescent Runs

Oh Sunday, I love you and hate you equally.  You are delightful in the morning and create a slight amount of agony as the day progresses.  First thing this morning I hit up Starbucks and headed right back to the couch to catch up on yesterday's college football and basketball scores while enjoying some time with my wife planning out the day.

And what a great day it was.   First, we hit up the spa and then got some lunch.  After that, I hit the telly for a little bit and took in some NFL football.  At around 2 it was time to hit the road for today's run.  I plugged my 10-mile goal into my I-phone with a great amount of trepidation.  My ankles were more than a little sore and my legs were aching so I thought 10 might be a stretch.  In addition to  my 10 mile goal, I wanted to stay pretty steady on this run and try to keep a consistent pace.

The first 5 miles were nothing to write home about.  Around Mile 5 I ran into a couple running and they were so gifted that they could hold a conversation and keep a pretty quick pace.  I don't know what they were talking about but I could hear it above my tunes so I had to pick it up and put some space between myself and the "Talkers".  I got going and had a great last half of the run.

When I got done with my 10-miles I was severely parched and hit CVS up for one of those electrolyte drinks.  I don't know if they work but man, they're good.  My great run today was followed by an even better dinner with the family.  The dinner was so much fun that I completely forgot that tomorrow was Monday.

Until tomorrow, Justin.

Stats below:

Distance: 10 miles
Time: 1:27:12
Pace: 8:42 per mile
Calories: 1,542


1              8:06        8'06"/mi
2              16:38     8'32"/mi
3              25:32     8'54"/mi
4              34:26     8'54"/mi
5              43:04     8'38"/mi
6              51:37     8'33"/mi
7              1:00:44  9'07"/mi
8              1:09:31  8'47"/mi
9              1:18:32  9'01"/mi
10           1:27:08  8'36"/mi

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