Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 11 - Food

I am so hungry right now.  It was just one of those days where I kinda forgot to eat real meals.  I was scheduled to run in the 15K (9 miles) Hot Chocolate race today; however  I didn't.  Don't worry I got my 9 miles in just a little bit later in the day.  I decided to forgo all the race madness and just sleep.  Sleeping in for me is 7:30, but oh it was so nice.  My wife ran in the 5K with some friends from work, some of who also ran the 15K.  So she had plenty of support in my absence and I'm so proud of her fast run today.

However, it's not like I sat around this morning; I had a list.  My wife was throwing a baby shower for a close friend later in the day and being the husband I am,  I had my Love's back, plus her friend is awesome and going to be a great Mom, so it was a "no-brainer" to help out.  I ran a couple of errands for her, mixed with a stop at the computer repair shop for my"on-life support" computer (hopefully, they can save this treasured relic of technology past) and topped it off with my first meal of the day, an old fashioned donut and Venti Soy Misto from Starbucks.  Couple of final touches to the apartment, I believe the term is "staging", and then it was on to my favorite part of to the day.

Hanging with my nephew while his Mom was hitting up the baby shower.  We got to hang at the playground, take a walk to the toy store and end it with some fries & a shake at Z-Burger (2nd meal).   Lots of fun had by the boys today!

Upon our return to the apartment, the shower was still in full effect.  Perfect time for a run.  As I hit the road, I wasn't really sure how long I was going to run this evening.  I knew if I felt well enough I was going to have my own little Hot Chocolate race.  I headed northwest on River Road for the first two miles.  As I ran up and down the hilly road, watching car after car pass, some with soon-to-be Christmas trees, some with holiday booty I realized I have a lot of Christmas shopping to do before the big day.

I met up with the Capital Crescent Trail from River. This trail is part of the Rails to Trails conservancy and is widely used throughout D.C. as it runs from Georgetown to Silver Spring.  Over 11 miles of trail and it links with other great trails in D.C., like the Rock Creek Park Trail.

The next stop on the trail was through the heart of Bethesda Avenue (Mile 3.43).  Just above Bethesda the trail turns to gravel.  Great running terrain.  The arrival at the gravel section coincided with some really great Rap on my play list.  Rap + Gravel = Fast Pace.  Best mile of the night on this section of trail (Mile 4 - 7:37).

Bethesda Ave. was hoppin' tonight
Eventually, I had to hop off the trail as it was just getting too dark and a little more dicey.  At the trail's intersection with Connecticut I hooked a right and headed back to the D.C.

As soon as you hop back on the main drag you're dead in the face with a long uphill climb.  Boo!  After that I was feeling it fo' sho' but I knew what goes up, must come down.  Around Mile 7, I think, I was heading back into D.C. and the finish line was close at hand.

 Hoping for a Fenty vs. Gray rematch
with a different ending of course.

Before you know it, I'm back on Nebraska past Wilson High School and finally back into the hood.  Time for some well-deserved dinner.

Stats below:

Distance: 9.02 miles
Time: 1:18:38
Pace: 8:42 per mile
Calories: 1,391

Mile 1 - 8:19 / Mile 2 - 8:43 / Mile 3 - 8:31 / Mile 4 - 7:47 / Mile 5 - 8:50 / Mile 6 - 9:51 / Mile 7 - 8:15 / Mile 8 - 9:46 / Mile 9 - 9:02

Play list for tonight's run:

1. Windows Are Rolled Down - Amos Lee (Best new song for 2011)
2. Thickfreakness - The Black Keys
3. All of the Lights - Kanye West
4. Smile Like You Mean It - The Killers
5. Andy, You're a Star - The Killers
6. Trani - Kings of Leon (Early Kings but also the best)
7. McFearless -  Kings of Leon  (Love the guitar riff)
8. She Will - Lil Wayne w/ Drake
9. Start It Up - Lloyd Banks, Kanye West, Fabolous, Swizz Beatz  (That's my jam)
10. Dashboard - Modest Mouse
11. Little Lion Man - Mumford & Sons
12. Things Done Changed - The Notorious B.I.G
13. Go - Pearl Jam
14. Whipping - Pearl Jam (Yep)
15. Wake Up - Rage Against the Machine (Old School jam)
16. Know Your Enemy - Rage Against the Machine
17. 9 Piece - Rick Ross w/ Lil Wayne  (Gotta love that Maybach Music)
18. One More Cup of Coffee - The White Stripes
19. Izzo (H.O.V.A) - Jay-Z

Until tomorrow,  Justin.

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