Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 12 - Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

My wife and I started this lovely little Sunday off with some breakfast at the Capital City Diner.  I indulged in the country fried steak, home fries and bagels.  Some heavy fare so early in the day, but I was hopeful it wouldn't put me in the proverbial "food coma".

Next on the list was the search for the elusive Christmas tree.  We made one stop at a local church but their prices were a little on the high side and they didn't have any of the other gadgets we needed to set it up.  We also should have known the trees would be expensive at the church as they came the whole way down from heaven...

Next stop, good ol' Whole Foods.  It was a solid choice.  They've been on sale there since the weekend after Thanksgiving and came complete with all the bells and whistles.  It didn't take us very long to find the right tree and before you know it, we're heading back to the homestead to set it up.

It stayed straight long enough for a picture within a picture...
Time for some football.  My pickem' tickets and fantasy football teams have been a terrible disappointment this season but I still tune into the games with the crazy hope that I shall prevail.  Alas it was not my day once again on the grid iron.  I chose to let the "food coma" take over and fell into a light nap.

Dreaming of hallways filled with balloons....
After I awoke, it was off for a run.  Nothing special about today's run really; just another jaunt down Nebraska Ave.  Par for the course.

Stats below:

Distance: 3 miles
Time: 25:19
Pace: 8:25 per mile
Calories: 463

Perfect little Sunday.  Until tomorrow,


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