Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 18 - Easy Stuff

Sometimes the easy stuff in life is hard and conversely, the harder things to do actually are easy.  Take for instance sleeping in on the weekend, it should be pretty easy, right?  Not so much.  I was pretty early to rise today, but it's not all bad, at least I got to catch some SportsCenter action.

Next, shopping, not an easy thing to do for some of us guys; however today, not so bad.  My wife and I breezed through some Georgetown shops, picking up Christmas presents and taking in the holiday buzz along M Street.

Looking south onto the Intersection of Wisconsin & M

After taking in some of the sights and sounds of the season, it was time to make our way to the hospital to meet our close friend's newborn baby girl, Rose.  Here in lies another example how things that should be easy, like a holding a baby, are not easy.  I, for some reason, have always had a fear of holding babies.  I tend to not do it until they're a little larger.  They just look so delicate and I don't want to be responsible for something so precious with my goofy arms.  However, today, Rose looked so sweet I couldn't just say no.  So with some good coaching from everyone I held little baby Rose.  It was really cool.  I was a little tense at first but a pretty amazing experience all in all.  She is so very precious, Jer and  Sal!  Congrats!

I look like "Dumb Donald" from Fat Albert.....she's a perfect  little bundle!
After our visit, we headed to pick up some lunch.  We hit one of my wife's favorite burger joints just off the SW corner of Connecticut, Shake Shack.  The Shack originated in NYC and we will be eternally thankful for it entry into D.C.  You know how I tell if a burger is great?  A great burger to me is juicy, almost greasy, has tomato and lettuce along with the old reliable, cheese.  This place supplies each in just the right amounts.  The single is a little small but full of taste.  One word sums it up.....


On to today's run, a 4 miler.  My run was a tale of two miles.  My first two miles felt great and smooth, clocking in at 16:06.  The last two miles hurt, with a total time of 16:43.  I did take on a hillier section during the second half of the run, but I definitely felt a distinct difference between the halves, fo' sho'.  It felt like I was pushing on the second half a bit just to keep the run on the up and up.  Always trying to improve a bit.  I'll keep it going tomorrow, maybe a long one, if the joints are up to it.

Stats below:

Distance: 4.01 miles
Time: 32:49
Pace: 8:11
Calories: 618

Until tomorrow...oh wait it is tomorrow.   


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